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The most attractive type of smile

A¬†study by Gladstone in 2002 found that, ‘A smile seems to have a favorable influence upon others and makes one more likable and more approachable.’ This may not be news to most people, as we have all experienced how it

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Learning to be Attractive – The 3 Simple Ideas

It is no secret that guys like good looking women. But how much emphasis do women place on the looks of a man? A study by Knapp in 02 titled Changing Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness Through Social Interaction, found that,

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How to be Attractive when you’re not Good-Looking

Why is it that you sometimes see very good-looking women with pretty average looking men? Is it because they are rich? or famous? or skilled¬†in the bedroom? The answer according to science is yes and no… We use the terms

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